Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Discovery

After 'The Discovery' nothing will be the same, because knowing changes things. The film tackles an age-old contemplation of where do we come from before life, and where do we go after death.

The film mostly centers around Robert Redford (Thomas), a scientist who accumulates overwhelming evidence of an afterlife, his son Jason Segal (Will), and Isla, a women that attempts to kill herself to get 'there.'

Part romance, part philosophy, and part thriller, Thomas is convinced he is right and that there is an afterlife. Will believes that something as significant and life-altering as an afterlife can't simply have overwhelming evidence: it must be definitive. Suicides are on the rise, 4 million and counting -- as people look to flee their current lives to reach an unknown afterlife.

it is well-acted and thought-provoking, though the concept of the film might have been a bit bigger than the ultimate film delivers.  Still, it is well-scripted and engaging as Will tried to unravel the images captured on film from a dead man. Was it lingering memories? The clues lead Will and Isla on a journey for the truth, and it isn't what they expect.

During a time of shoot-em-up high-action films that dominate theaters, this film brings us back down to contemplate bigger questions about life, personal motivation, and a meaning to any of it. 

4 Stars for concept, script, acting and direction. 

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