Saturday, September 6, 2014

Need For Speed

Ok, so I was a little late getting to this one. Combine high speed car action, a bit of melodrama, and some low key humor and you got Need For Speed. It's not winning any awards, but it was entertaining and engaging.

When Toby (Aaron Paul) loses a road race and is framed for the death of his friend, the stage is st for revenge and redemption. Long-considered a wild-card driver with more talent than opportunity, he gets his shot with an invite to a high-stakes winner take all road race called the De Leon, hosted and underwritten by Monarch (). Monarch is the online race enthusiast, announcer and underwriter of the race, that had always been a fan of Toby,who he refers to as "the blue collar kid from Mt.Kisko.  

Most of the film is centered around Toby getting to the race, driving cross-country with julia Madden ()  -- and of course a little romance had to brew there, in the original
(lost) Shelby Mustang that earlier in the film he was contracted to complete the building of by Dino () -- the current champion of the De Leon, and the guy who stole Toby's girl Anita (), and the guy that actually killed his friend Pete (). Oh yeah, and in keeping with the melodrama, Pete is Anita's kid brother. 

So I guess I can define the film as high action melodrama. 

And just to add a little more drama to the plot, during Toby's cross-country adventure (he had 45 hours to get from NY to California, Dino put a bounty of his head (or rather the Shelly he was driving) offering his Lamborghini as the payoff to anyone who stopped Toby from reaching the coast on time for the race. Add in the fact that Toby violated his parole by crossing state lines, and this becomes a high-octane action film. 

The actors played he roles to the level of the script, with some fun and humorous contributions but his crew Benny( -- who reminding me of one of the Wayan brothers), Finn ()and Joe Peck ()

Screenplay by George Gatins and directed by Scott Waugh, the film is fund and will keep you interested. And the footage of Steve McQueen from the film Bullet didn't go unnoticed. 

3.5 stars guys, well done. 

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