Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Bagman

Stripped down to a handful of characters, in a sparse, old-fashioned who-done-it thriller, it never really answers any questions -- but keeps you engaged with odd characters and motives.
John Cusack stars in this 2014 film as a bagman hired by the wealthy Robert DiNero, a seemingly ruthless, partially sociopathic, businessman. He hires Cusack to take a bag to a rundown motel, where he is to wait until DiNero shows up to collect it.

"Why me?" Cusack asks, and the viewer is left to wonder, the same thing and watch, to find out. The film is not without violence and blood, as Cusack navigates around, through and at a host of people that all seem to know what he is carrying, and want it for themselves.

With a small-budget feel to it. it is mildly entertaining -- especially if you're a Cusack and/or DiNero fan.

The acting is good, the plot a bit strange, and direction credible.

3 stars

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