Thursday, March 24, 2016

Batman Vs. Superman

The newest super hero epic by DC brings out a lot of big guns. But Batman Vs. Superman still misses the mark. They pit their only two successful film characters [from the DC Universe] against one another, yet the battle is underwhelming and anti-climatic. it just didn't work.

The story and screenplay were sub-par, not giving the actors much to work with. Director Zack Snyder didn't bring any magic to the effort either. Unlike the recent TV hits of The Flash and Arrow, which have developed characters whom you love or hate, DC has always had trouble bringing depth of character on the big screen.

In this recent release we're dragged along boringly for some time while they all seem to mull around without really saying or doing anything of interest. The dialogue is weak and unimaginative, and by the time any action is finally presented, it's like "been-there-done-that."

The story is a bit absurd too, even for a superhero film. With a better screen and direction the casting might have really worked well. if, of course, any of them had anything to say; even Jeremy Irons as Alfred is relegated to an afterthought.

Amy Adams, Diane Lane, and Laurence Fishburn revive their roles as Lois Lane, Martha Kent, and Perry White; Henry Cavil returns as Superman, but in a much less engaging performance than his prior.          

Affleck certainly could have pulled off the Batman look -- tall and muscular, an even the dark and brooding Bruce Wayne, but he too had a meager script and was ineffective. Jesse Eisenberg has all the makings of the sociopath genius Lex Luther, and I expect we'll see him in the next installment.    

The film did give us hints of things to come. While reviewing a file Batman copied secretly copied from Lex Luther, we see short footage of a few META humans; specifically Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, and Woman Woman (she appears throughout the film -- played by the lovely Gal Gadot -- and is part of the final big fight scene).    

All in all the film was very disappointing and I struggle to give it a 3, so let's call it 2 3/4 stars. 

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